Intuitive Soul Guide (n.)


one who seeks union between the inner spiritual life and exterior life


one who aspires to help others learn to listen and trust their inner insticts & gut feelings – increasing confidence and reducing stress


boho soul that believes anything is possible with a little laughter, a lot of hard work, an open heart & a positive attitude


Changing your diet and lifestyle can be daunting, after all it has been your LIFEstyle. After having two children I was over 200 lbs and extremely unhappy with my body. I lost 100 lbs through diet, exercise and investing in my personal wellness. Believe me when I say I know it’s hard, but it’s so worth it. 

What obstacles are stopping you from making changes that will increase you happiness and improve your well being?


I explored a sea of majors including (but not limited to): 

journalism, broadcasting, public relations, business management, marketing and corporate communications

which lead me to try my hand at mortgage lending, retail and event management, but I eventually found my home in critical care and emergency nursing.

What obstacles are stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and life purposes?


I was raised in a southern Methodist church. I attended a Presbyterian preschool, a Catholic elementary and middle school, a non denominational Christian high school and church where I attended service at least twice a week. I can remember experiences with spirit as early as six. I started exploring the metaphysical and divinatory arts by age ten. I’ve had formal education and interpersonal relationships with people from all sorts of different walks of life and religious backgrounds including:  Judaism, Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism

The common message I found was to be kind and to choose love.

My spiritual journey has been an important part of my life and has been a constant source of comfort.

What obstacle is stopping your from exploring and growing spiritually?

Matters of the heart

I’ve experienced divorce, had a loved one struggle with addiction, experienced personal trauma, a 22 year battle with weight, I’ve been a single mom barely making ends meet. Life can be challenging, but you must know that there is no obstacle too great for you to overcome. You can live the life you dream of by taking one step at a time.

Do not place your trust in anything except love. God is love. Love is god.

Fear, doubt, jealousy – these are not of love.

Confidence, kindness, joy, creativity- these are of love.

This is god.

Follow your instincts, follow your heart, follow a path lead by love, and begin living the life intended for you!


Intuitive Soul Guide (v.)

I feel strongly that we should be living lives filled with people, interactions, careers, adventures, every day decisions that we are proud of and we love. I have lived in fear and hesitancy. I have lived with confidence and faith. Statistically speaking, in my experience living with confidence and trust in your intuition feels better 100% of the time. 

You were given your gut instincts for a reason, it’s a gift. It’s the ultimate gift. It’s who you are. Do you ever think back after the fact and think, “I knew I should have (insert what your GUT told you first but you second guessed yourself immediately and now here we are thinking coulda, woulda, shoulda? Hmm…yes? Sound familiar?). I’m here to help you tune back into that voice. My hope is to guide you back to the place of comfort. Do you ever feel like everything is going your way and you are just in sync? You are, but life comes in peaks and valleys. The key is to trust that a life lead by love will lead to beautiful outcomes.

My hope is to empower you in making choices that are true to your heart by sharing the tools I use in my own personal practice and guiding you through your journey. My spiritual and personal wellness go to’s include affirmations, law of attraction, prayer, meditation, dance exercise, card reading, holistic health practices, etc. 

It’s time to let go of coulda, woulda, shoulda – start living I am, this is awesome and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m stoked to be a part of your journey.


Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Grove Gaea for an intuitive and enlightening reading for answers to your present and future life questions. Without knowing certain details about my past or present situations, it was amazing how she interpreted the cards to reveal specific insight relating to what I was seeking guidance with. A beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I look forward to my next session with her.”

  • Meredith, Charleston, SC


“Grove Gaea has worked with me on several occasions. I’ve looked to her for guidance during some really hard times in my life, and she’s put me at ease with her readings. She’s very creditable and has a true gift that I’m very thankful I am able to experience. I highly recommend ANYONE working with her because she is the real deal!”

  • Krissy, Charleston, SC